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The upcoming bZ4X EV will be Toyota’s first fully electric production vehicle in the company’s 84-year history. With the introduction of the bZ4X, Toyota becomes one of the few automakers to offer all three types of alternative energy sources: electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, joining Honda and Hyundai. This also makes it the only automaker to simultaneously sell the alternative drive vehicles mentioned above, as well as gasoline and diesel cars.

Like everyone else, Toyota don’t know what the future holds, so they make sure to cover all eventualities. They also said that the reason they only make an electric vehicle after everyone has tried it is because they are looking to see what is going on with other automakers. .

Toyota said that although they produce enough batteries for electric vehicles, they prefer to use them for their hybrids, which they can sell much more of, and offset their global emissions by a larger margin than they would in producing fewer fully electric vehicles. . However, now they have shown interest in producing electric vehicles, which means they are ready to take on the world.

Toyota will continue to manufacture its hydrogen fuel cell Mirai, however, as it believes that is one of the possible ways forward. Toyota has so far patented a large number of “bZ” nameplate variants for their future electric vehicles, starting with the bZ4X.

Stylish exterior


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The exterior of the bZ4X slightly resembles that of the current generation RAV4, but more futuristic and angular – like the Lexus RX. It’s almost as if Toyota has read a chapter in the Lexus Design Handbook and incorporated some of these elements into its electric car.


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Other design cues include the front / headlight design, resembling the future Lucid Air EV, and you’d be forgiven for mistaking the bZ4X for the impending Fisker Ocean EV – albeit a bit smaller. Overall not that bad to watch.

Futuristic interior


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The interior of the bZ4X is beautifully laid out, with both an infotainment screen in the center and an instrument cluster display behind the steering wheel – unlike one of the bZ4X’s competitors which has only one display. who has to do everything (looking at you Model -Y). The steering wheel looks like an evolution of the Toyota Prius, with a hint of Toyota Prado to toughen it up. The entire interior design is in line with Toyota’s more durable cars, such as the futuristic Prius and Mirai.

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A brand new electric platform


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The bZ4X debuts on Toyota’s all-new electric vehicle foundation known as the e-TNGA platform, which will be shared with upcoming Toyota electric vehicles, as well as new Subaru cars, as Toyota has a stake in it. ‘business. The rebadged Subaru version of the bZ4X is called the Solterra which was recently revealed. It is not yet confirmed whether Suzuki will use this platform, as Toyota owns a stake in Suzuki and shares vehicles in recent years.


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The meaning behind the name

Toyota bZ4X via Newsy

Via Newsy

The name bZ4X represents Toyota’s new lineup of bZ electric vehicles, starting with this 4X, the “4” indicating the size of the car and the “X” indicating that it is a crossover. The “bZ” stands for “beyond zero” because it is an electric car that aims to be completely environmentally friendly, in line with Toyota’s new strategy to make their future vehicles carbon neutral. by the time they have driven 149,000 miles or 10 years – whichever comes first.

Driver-centric technology

Interior of the Toyota bZ4X 2022 via YouTube

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Toyota hasn’t revealed much about the bZ4X’s technology, but they said it would be more “driver-focused”. So, while we don’t know the details just yet, expect all of the tech familiar from a Toyota.

This means automatic cruise control, lane-keeping assistant and satellite navigation system, with the option of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Being an electric car, it will also come with EV features, such as navigation which calculates a route based on the current load and available charging stations.

Technical specifications


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The bZ4X will so far be offered in three versions – LE, XLE and Limited. LE is the base model equipped with a single 201 hp electric motor driving only the front wheels. The XLE and Limited versions come with an electric motor on each axle, offering all-wheel drive and increasing horsepower to 215 hp and a 0-62 mph sprint of 7.7 seconds. Not as fast as a Tesla in all respects, but that puts it in competition with models like the VW ID.4, Skoda Enyaq, Volvo XC40 Recharge and Mercedes EQA.


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All bZ4X models will be equipped with a 71.4 kWh battery providing approximately 280 miles of range for front-wheel drive models and 230 miles for all-wheel drive models. It’s on par with the Volvo XC40 Recharge and Mercedes EQA and it’s way better than the Mazda MX30.

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A good crossover in the city


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The bZ4X is a good example of what Toyota is good at – city runabouts. With the huge success of the current generation of RAV4s, the bZ4X is a more eco-friendly alternative to race with. It has a relatively large trunk capacity, which makes it ideal as a daily driver to do everyday things.

2022 Toyota bZ4X in charge via Top Gear

Via top gear

Thanks to the larger capacity on-board charging function, charging the bZ4X from 15% to 80% takes just 30 minutes, which means the vehicle is ready for another 150 kilometers after a short coffee break. Brilliant!

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The good news


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The good news is that the concept version of the car we’ve seen before is nearing the final production version, which is expected to go on sale sometime in the middle of next year. This means that there will hopefully not be a long waiting period and diehard Toyota fans can rejoice. That is unless another event of pandemic proportions or the current shortage of chips throws a wrench into the works. Hold our thumbs!

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