“How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Neighborhoods”


Small businesses could dramatically increase footfall in their neighborhood, and therefore the number of new customers they attract and old customers they retain, by making the drive from the car to their front door as easy and enjoyable. as possible.

This means a jumble of signs and delivery vans on the sidewalk.

This always means giving the satnav reference of the rear delivery access (always different from the front) and the name and mobile of the one who will receive the delivery to the drivers.

This means refusing to order from suppliers who show up at school time or in vehicles far too big for a narrow road.

When a business receives deliveries from drivers walking onto the sidewalk, it not only drives its own customers who don’t want to push their way between vehicles away, but also their neighbors’ customers.

It is a fundamental part of customer service to be polite and considerate to anyone who might want to choose you to do business with.

Driving on the sidewalk is beyond thought, it’s downright dangerous.

Yes, parking wardens can’t do anything about it in most cases, but companies using these providers can.

Unloading onto a cart and getting it to the company is not that difficult, and going out to help a driver unload so that it can be done as quickly as possible with the least inconvenience to passers-by, all of whom are potential customers.

High Streets really needs to come together as communities on this one and not just complain that the council isn’t fixing it.

The council was elected for years on the promise of spending as little money as possible. They can’t enchant parking lot attendants out of thin air.

Businesses need to take more responsibility for their own communities.

Sweeping the sidewalk in front of their own front door every morning would be a start to getting to know their neighbors and being a little proud of their premises.


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