How to avoid getting distracted


INFOTAINMENT and center console function systems have become highlights for many car buyers.

But now data analysis has shown how dangerous these high-tech gadgets can be as a distraction while driving. So claims specialist The Compensation Experts has teamed up with leading driving instructor John Parry to offer the best advice on staying safe behind the wheel.

The founder of Parry’s Fleet Services says a place to start is knowing where you’re going by programming satellite navigation before you set off on a trip.

If you have trouble using the infotainment setup, get off the road safely and stop first – or ask passengers to help you with their tasks. And for those who use a shotgun, say so if the driver of your vehicle is distracted and help them out when needed.

Plus, avoid calling or texting others when you know they’re driving, while those behind the wheel should enable ‘do not disturb’ settings on their devices. And, finally, Parry says everyone should avoid distractions in traffic, and never call, text, or play games while walking or cycling.

Advice comes after The compensation experts analyzed an experiment from What Car ?, ranking 20 vehicles based on distraction from their infotainment systems, based on six common driving tasks.

The test consisted of increasing the temperature by two degrees, increasing the fan speed, zooming out the satellite navigation map, canceling route guidance, switching the stations to BBC Radio 4 and using the command. voice to find the nearest gas station.

And the MG ZS EV with an eight-inch touchscreen arrived at the bottom, followed by the Fiat 500X with a seven-inch display and Uconnect Live.

Next come the Skoda Citigo-e iV with color screen and phone holder, then the Peugeot 508 SW with 10-inch connected 3D navigation and voice recognition. Rounding out the five worst, the Lexus RX with a 12.3-inch multimedia screen.


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