Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis flew in economy class for a very sweet trip


Kate Middleton was reportedly spotted taking an economy class flight with her youngest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Despite having access to private jets, VIP airport services and a royal helicopter, Kate Middleton and Cambridge’s two youngest children reportedly opted for a budget flight as they flew to Scotland to spend the quality time with the Queen at Balmoral this weekend.

According to onlookers, Kate was only joined by two of her three children, with Prince George and Prince William traveling separately to the Queen’s Scottish holiday home.

Economy class flight by Kate Middleton

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HELLO! (opens in a new tab) reports that a video shared on TikTok by another passenger shares flight details for Kate, Charlotte and Louis, highlighting that they were like any other family on board, despite having security and safety. nanny of children traveling with them.

‘On flight to Scotland Kate Middleton, 2 kids, nanny & security 2 rows ahead of me. Could get private jet or helicopter but keeping it simple, flying economy,’ wrote the l TikTok user.

“She even got up halfway through the flight to get her daughter’s iPad,” they added.

Economy class flight by Kate Middleton

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Recalling that Duchess Catherine looked as radiant as ever during the flight, the video went on to detail: “And yes she was gorgeous, even gave me a smile as she looked behind her to talk to her son.

“No one on board took any photos or videos. Just a mum taking her kids on vacation to see grandma, but there was buzz on board.”


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