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Kerala Police has ranked first in the country in tracking offenders through the use of fingerprints, according to the 2020 Central Finger Prints Bureau (CFPB) report. Last year Kerala was ranked second after Andhra Pradesh.

According to the CFPB report, Kerala’s fingerprint office resolved 675 criminal cases, followed by Karnataka with 517 and Andhra Pradesh in third place with 412 cases. The report contained a special mention of the work carried out by the National Fingerprint Office and the police to solve the sensational snakebite murder in Kollam in southern Kerala last year.

“This is sufficient proof of the hard work of the National Fingerprint Office, backed by technology that is effectively harnessed for crime prevention and detection. Officers in the office assisted by AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) software performed exceptionally well in becoming the first, ”said Deputy Director General of State Police Manoj Abraham, an expert in cybersecurity.

The country has a central fingerprinting office and each state has its offices that help with the investigative process using the science of fingerprints. Fingerprint evidence is the most scientific and infallible, experts say. The job of a fingerprint expert is to develop chance prints left by criminals at the crime scene and match them to the fingerprints in the convict database.

When the investigation begins at a crime scene, a fingerprint expert must first visit the scene to closely observe the site. The expert then develops the accidental footprints left by the criminals on the scene. The collected incidental fingerprints are then matched against the fingerprint database. This helps identify if the crime was committed by someone who is already on the office records. There is a National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS) to streamline the national database process.

The report contained a special mention of how the police team cracked the sensational murder of Uthra, 25, in 2020. Initially, it was dismissed as a simple snakebite case, but police and parents became suspicious as it was the second snakebite that turned out to be fatal. She received the fatal bite while undergoing treatment for the first bite.

Police later arrested her husband P Sooraj and a local snake handler who provided her with a cobra. During the investigation, it was discovered that Sooraj bought a cobra from the snake master after paying for it. ??10,000. He also received the necessary manager training. He allegedly brought her to Uthra’s home in Anchal, where she had been receiving treatment with her parents since the first incident.

Police said that after Uthra fell asleep, Sooraj took the snake out of the bottle and threw it at her. He stayed awake all night to make sure he didn’t bite him. He left the room in the morning and began to read a newspaper on the veranda. Uthra’s mother found her daughter unconscious in the morning. She was rushed to hospital where doctors said she died of a snake bite. The case is at the trial stage and the police have recreated the entire incident using a digital and fictitious presentation.

The flight of India’s first aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, two years ago, was also mentioned in the report. The defendants, two painters working on the ship, were arrested after matching their fingerprints taken when they were hired. The National Investigation Agency arrested them last year from northern India.


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