Larry Chen checks out Spoon Sport’s Civic Type R


The Spoon Civic Type R not only looks great, it’s also already winning endurance races like the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Larry Chen is a very lucky guy. He regularly gets the opportunity to watch epic racing machines and awesome cars. These range from American monsters, to amazing drift cars, to amazing modified JDM machines. This car falls squarely into the latter category. Owned by Spoon Sports USA, this epic Honda The Civic Type R is a fantastic race-winning machine with plenty of great features and an impressive paint scheme to go along with its performance.

Getting to know the Civic Type R

Presented by Aaron Wang, we get a detailed look at this very nice car. The car was in action during the Super Lap Battles at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The car competed in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill in January and also won its class. They then brought it to Texas so people could come and see it. In terms of power, this Civic is pretty close to the stock power levels of the Civic Type R which sits around the 306 hp mark from its 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. This Civic now produces just over 400 hp when Chen filmed it, but was closer to 300 at Thunder Hill. They did this in order to make the car very reliable over 25 hours.

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Make the Civic a Race Car

This stock turbo was on the car during the 25 hour race, although they had a Spoon turbo on the car in Texas. Many other changes to the car all focused on refinement, reliability and balance. This therefore includes parts such as the Spoon radiator and configuration work. There are obvious aerodynamic changes such as the front splitter and the rear wing. But as Wang says, Spoon’s ethos is one of a car that’s clean, user-friendly and fun to drive.

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A truly beautiful car

With the main blue and yellow paint and the black rims, this car looks absolutely stunning. This philosophy of a very clean car also shines through with the car presented in immaculate condition. This Civic Type R has not undergone many modifications. It’s pretty minimalist compared to other racing cars. But this car was all about having fun racing and having something that could compete in a 25 hour race. With a class win at Thunderhill, the folks at Spoon Sports certainly did it.

Source: Larry Chen YouTube Channel


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