LETTER: ‘Apology’ for closure of Keighley Police Helpline


THE apologies and reasons for the closure of the Keighley Police ‘help desk’ range from staffing levels to low attendance in almost the same paragraph!

Well, the numbers are increased by 20,000 officers if Boris is to be believed (after Boris got rid of the same number) and as far as the lack of “passage” goes, well why didn’t the police- Doesn’t it place the help desk on planet Zorb – it would probably be easier to find than the hidden gem easily accessible to anyone with a car (or wealthy enough to hire a cab) and/or with a satellite navigation system, provided of course that the opening hours are adapted? Oh sorry, there are no more opening hours now!

Previous Keighley News reports of domestic abuse victims being directed to the fire station speak volumes.

Dear me, when I was a boy it was a 24/7 service and bobbies used to keep up and meet people and get information which led to arresting and prosecuting evil people!

Nowadays we have a few brass in a carriage traveling from Keighley to Bradford to help the understaffed officers there.

And crime is on the rise, absolute tosh. No one would dare venture into Keighley for fear of being chased, having been caught on camera!

Someone, somewhere needs to pull themselves together. And hopefully faster than building the new police station and fire station, and let’s not forget the catwalk over the… sorry, I forgot!

Brian Hinchliffe, Marshes, Oxenhope

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