Max Verstappen risks finding himself in the same boat as Jamaican legend Usain Bolt


Red Bull has been found guilty by the FIA ​​of breaching 2021 cost cap regulations. Now, although it’s a slim possibility, Max Verstappen could lose his 2021 title due to Red Bull’s transgressions. And there is a solid precedent for that.


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What the FIA ​​does with Red Bull remains to be seen. Rivals have been pushing for the FIA ​​to take the toughest action against the Milton-Keynes-based team. However, would that rob Max Verstappen of his first World Championship? Even though the chances of that happening are slim, we’ve seen it happen before.


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Do you remember when Usain Bolt lost his gold medal? According to, “Bolt, one of the most successful runners of all time, lost his gold medal in 2017, which he won in the four hundred meters in Beijing in 2008. The reason is that another runner from the Jamaican team, Nesta Carter, was found guilty of doping. .” (translated via Google Translate)


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As it stands, there is no clarity on what penalties to impose on the Bulls for breaching the cost cap. However, the FIA ​​has outlined potential penalties that Red Bull may face at the governing body’s discretion.

What penalties can Red Bull and Max Verstappen face for breaching the cost cap?

The FIA’s decision was clear on Red Bull’s minor breach of cost cap rules. However, what remains to be seen is what consequences the FIA ​​imposes on Red Bull for breaches of the cost cap.


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Formula One F1 – Dutch Grand Prix – Circuit Zandvoort, Zandvoort, the Netherlands – September 4, 2022 Red Bull team principal Christian Horner in the pit lane during the Race Pool via REUTERS/Christian Bruna

According to, “With respect to minor overspending, which is classified as being less than 5% of the limit that Red Bull was found to have made, the cost cap panel may impose a financial sanction and/or a minor sporting sanction. “

But what is a minor sporting sanction? “These are a public reprimand, a deduction of constructors’ championship points, a deduction of drivers’ championship points, a suspension from one or more stages of a competition (non-racing), aerodynamic or other testing limitations, or a reduction in the cost cap.”


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Will Max Verstappen be stripped of his 2021 title?


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