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CES, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 5, 2022 – Mimiq (formerly Smart Mimic), a Silicon Valley company that manufactures devices for personal and on-the-go security, today announces a new addition to its product line for 2022: the revolutionary and award-winning Mimiq Track, the world’s thinnest GPS tracker. The size of a credit card and without a SIM card, the device tracks equipment, valuables and vehicles. With months of power on a single charge and hassle-free connectivity to the Helium network and other LoRaWAN network partners, Mimiq Track has now been named the recipient of the CES 2022 Innovations Award.

Mimiq Track detects when an asset to which it is attached – such as a bicycle, scooter, car, backpack or sports equipment – is moved without your consent. It not only alerts the owner silently, via the companion app, but once moved, it continually updates its location wherever coverage is available based on the Helium network and other partner LoRaWAN networks (subject to frequencies Local LoRaWAN). This key “track record” information greatly improves your chances of recovering your property.

With an extremely slim form factor, durable GPS tracking, and months of battery life, Mimiq Track is just as comfortable on your e-bike, scooter, or camera bag as it is in your wallet.

“As we move into a more normal post-pandemic world, consumers will be traveling in unprecedented numbers, making up for all lost time. And in a world that has moved rapidly towards all digital connections, it’s time for personal safety and security products to change to meet consumer expectations, ”said Noyan Berker, Founder and CEO of Mimiq. “Mimiq Track’s on-board intelligence and easy-to-use mobile app give users the freedom to secure their environment or their valuables with the push of a button. We are also delighted that Mimiq Track is a recipient of the CES 2022 Innovations Award.

Mimiq Track is based on the 5 of Mimiqe Gen IoT technology stack, delivering months of worry-free tracking and security on a single charge. It uses advanced RF (Radio Frequency) engineering and a reimagined manufacturing process to deliver this ultra-slim GPS tracker. Mimiq Track is also out of the box with a specially designed cloud that enables a wide range of mainstream use cases, allowing it to easily scale to multiple applications.

“With Mimiq Track, we started with a blank sheet of paper and rethought the way we build and assemble products. The Mimiq Track presented unique challenges in assembly, production and testing as well as the many challenges of supply in these times, ”explained Cem Gencturk, COO at Mimiq. “The game is very different once we move beyond ideas and prototypes and manufacture at scale while staying true to the principles of 5e IoT generation. In this regard only, we are very proud of what we have accomplished with Mimiq Track. “

The advantages of Mimiq’s 5e The Gen IoT technology stack includes:

  • devices designed to anticipate behavior using advanced intelligence
  • privacy-focused cloud services that let you share, without giving up your privacy
  • Hassle-free ‘always-on’ connectivity with no SIM cards or range anxiety, staying in touch even out of Bluetooth range
  • seemingly unlimited battery charge that lasts for months
  • stay green from the start with fully rechargeable batteries.


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