Nestwave Announces Collaboration with Sequans to Provide Accurate and Efficient GNSS Positioning for Low Power IoT Tracking


Nestwave IP Provides Latest Sequans LTE-M / NB-IoT Platform With Low Power, Low Component And Small Form Factor Geolocation

Leveraging Nestwave’s innovative technology to deliver low-power GNSS on Monarch 2 expands its capabilities and makes many types of IoT tracker use cases more affordable, as there is no need for chips or power modules. additional positioning.

Nestwave, the global technology leader in low-power geolocation for IoT, has announced that its technology has been selected by Sequans Communications SA (NYSE: SQNS), one of the world’s leading providers of 5G / 4G cellular IoT connectivity solutions, to add GNSS positioning to the Sequans Monarch 2 LTE-M / NB-IoT platform.

Integrated into the Sequans Monarch 2 GM02SP module, the Nestwave GNSS solution provides Sequans IoT customers with precise positioning with ultra-low power consumption while minimizing the number, cost and size of components by eliminating the need for a external positioning chipset. This makes the Sequans platform ideal for a wide variety of intermittent and power-constrained tracking use cases including personal tracking, parcel and pallet tracking, fleet tracking as well as car tracking, bikes and scooters and theft recovery. Cosmo Connected, a leader in urban mobility solutions, has already adopted the Monarch 2 GM02SP solution to reduce the cost and power consumption of its tracking products.

Nestwave’s technology allows geolocation to be added to existing IoT chipsets by implementing a GNSS receiver using the chip’s existing radio and computing capabilities. This eliminates the need for an external GNSS chipset and a product redesign.

“Nestwave’s technology provides the smallest, most energy efficient, and lowest component count solutions for IoT geolocation,” commented Ambroise Popper, CEO of Nestwave: “Our strategic partnership with Sequans addresses the challenge of integrating a precise geolocation in the cost of IoT nodes and allow Sequans customers to benefit from more efficient and less expensive monitoring solutions.

Discussing the addition of low power GNSS positioning to the Monarch 2 platform, Georges Karam, CEO of Sequans, said, “Using Nestwave’s innovative technology to deliver low power GNSS on Monarch 2 expands its capabilities and makes many types of IoT tracker use cases more affordable. because there is no need for additional chips or positioning modules.

Armin Batouméni, CTO of Cosmo Connected, adds: “Precision, power, size and cost are fundamental aspects of tracker design. By deploying the Sequans Monarch 2 with Nestwave’s built-in GNSS technology, we can solve all of these problems to provide our customers with cost-effective, efficient and sustainable monitoring solutions.

Nestwave IP has been integrated into a variety of chip architectures and on various state-of-the-art DSP / CPU cores. In combination with Nestwave cloud services, this IP address allows for a very short time to first remediation, resulting in much lower power consumption in use case tracking, without compromising sensitivity or accuracy. The company’s technology roadmap includes adding 5G / 4G cellular hybrid location functionality and solutions that will improve indoor tracking accuracy.

About Nestwave

Nestwave enables the proliferation of IoT geolocation by delivering the smallest, most energy-efficient solutions and the fewest number of components. The company’s combination of IP and cloud services eliminates the need for conventional GPS / GNSS chipsets and dramatically reduces power consumption. Because of this, Nestwave technologies minimize nomenclature, extend battery life, and speed time to market for precise indoor and outdoor positioning and tracking applications. Nestwave IP can be incorporated into existing DSP cores and connectivity chips without redesigning, while the cloud-assisted implementation harnesses the computing power of the cloud and minimizes power consumption.

Unprecedented energy and BoM savings from innovative Nestwave technology dramatically improve existing positioning and tracking applications. They also open the door to integrating geolocation into applications where power and size limitations would previously have made this impossible. And by combining lower energy consumption with the use of fewer components, Nestwave solutions contribute to environmental sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.

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