New MSRTC buses to get an AI-enabled driver monitoring system


The new system is said to monitor the driver and issue automated voice prompts if it notices the driver not concentrating on the road.

MSRTC Shivai Electric Bus Service for Maharashtra

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MSRTC Shivai Electric Bus Service for Maharashtra

The new Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) buses are expected to feature a CCTV-based driver monitoring system along with an AI-enabled voice alert. According to a India time Report, the new buses are set up to use the two systems in tandem to not only monitor drivers, but also issue voice prompts if the driver is found to be distracted.

According to the report, MSRTC chief executive Shekhar Channe said the new systems would be installed in all new buses purchased by the national road transport company. He added that existing vehicles were also being considered for the systems.

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Shekhar also said the new systems were in place in the company’s latest Shivai electric buses. The company recently launched its first intercity e-bus service between Pune and Ahmednagar on June 1 with the e-bus dubbed “Shivai”. Over the next three years, the MSRTC is expected to purchase up to 3,000 new electric buses, all of which are expected to be equipped with this new system.

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The new systems would monitor the driver and if they noticed the driver was distracted, such as talking to a passenger or on their phone, a voice alert would be issued. Additionally, Channe said the CCTV system was also linked to the MSRTC’s central control room so that staff could monitor drivers saying it would allow company officials to better monitor its drivers.


The measures were reportedly implemented with the aim of making bus journeys safer, with the systems having a deterrent effect. In addition, the onboard CCTV system has a recording function allowing officials to review the footage, which should be useful in the event of an accident.

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