Notre Dame 2021 early signing football player of the day tracker


Notre Dame’s football schedule is weeks away from playing in the Fiesta Bowl, but here we take a look at the 2021 early-signing player tracker.

The time has finally come for the 2022 recruiting class of the Notre Dame football program to take shape, as today marks the start of the early signing period. For the Irish, this has the potential to be a special class of players, as they currently hold the No. 5 overall class nationwide.

This season the Irish have seen real freshmen come in and really make an impact, as quarterback Tyler Buchner, wide receiver Lorenzo Styles Jr. and running back Logan Diggs made an impact on the offense. during the first year. These are the kinds of players who will be key players down the line, and we should see them play a big part in the Fiesta Bowl in a few weeks.

Over the next few days, all eyes will be on Class 2022, and while we know some players will definitely be signing, Early Signing Day is still good for some big surprises. There are still a few key recruits unenged, and we’ll also see who disembarks them over the next few days.

Notre Dame 2021 early signing football player of the day tracker

Complete list of the first signings for the Irish

(Click on the links to see our bio on these players, including where they fit in)

Recruitment class signed 2022:

Jaylen Sneed (Link)

Tyson Ford (link)

Donovan Hinish (Link)

Billy Schrauth (Link)

Jadarian Prize (Link)

Aamil Wagner (Link)

Nolan Ziegler (Link)

Aiden Gobaira (Link)

Steve Angeli (Link)

Joey Tanona (Link)

Jayden Bellamy (Link)

The Irish are in great shape to really push this program forward, and they certainly have the right man to lead the ship in first-year head coach Marcus Freeman. Notre Dame football is a national brand and will certainly end up with one of the best classes in the country, but the hope is that they can continue to bridge the gap between themselves and the likes of Alabama and Ohio. State with this new regime in place.


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