NSW floods live updates: Floods ‘undoubtedly’ becoming ‘more common’ as NSW floods for fourth time in 18 months, PM says


“We’re not quite out of the woods yet,” Minister for Emergency Services and Resilience and Minister for Flood Recovery Steph Cook said.

“As mentioned this morning, we have approximately 30,000 people who are the subject of an evacuation order or an evacuation warning and who want to recognize the impact that these latest flights have on the communities concerned.

“For many communities, this is the flood they have seen in less than 18 months, and some of these images are truly heartbreaking, seeing people’s homes, their lives turned upside down againand their very impacted livelihoods, and so our hearts go out to people and communities very much right now, and I want to reassure those communities that we will be there with them through the recovery process.

“We currently have seven evacuation centers that have been established, and I would really encourage anyone who needs to go somewhere right now or if you just don’t think staying home is the place to go. you would like to be, you might be vulnerable for a number of reasonswe have set up seven evacuation centers in the most at-risk areas. They are in Canley Vale, Kasi Hill, Gosford, North Richmond and Richmond. Further information is available on the SES website.”


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