Petrol prices are rising – here’s how to save money on fuel costs


Rishi Sunak is set to announce the Spring Statement with many motorists hoping for help with soaring gasoline prices.

With fuel now costing 165p a liter according to the AA, people are trying to figure out how they can save money when it comes to refueling their car. Motorists have also been warned to expect further price rises, with the current price already breaking the record for the cost of petrol in the UK.

The price of diesel has also risen, costing 176 pence a liter when you fill up. The rising costs are due to the ever-increasing price of oil production which has increased by 60% in the past 12 months.

It has also been impacted by a growing need for crude oil which had collapsed at the start of the pandemic, but is now increasing dramatically due to increased post-pandemic travel and the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

Although the price is constantly changing, there are simple ways to try and lower your gas costs.

Nick Drewe, a money-saving expert at WeThrift, shared his tips for stretching your gas further and helping you cut costs on the forecourt.

First think about how and where you refill your tank.

Petrol from supermarket pumps tends to be more affordable than fuel purchased from independent filling stations, despite the fact that it is usually from the same source.

This is because brands like Shell and Esso add their own special additives to their fuel to help improve its performance and efficiency, which means it costs more.

Using loyalty cards and cashback programs can also help you recoup some costs on your next top-up.

Systems like TopCashback can give you cash on your next top-up, while loyalty cards like Tesco Club Cards and Nectar cards allow you to accumulate points that you can put back on your next purchase.

Incentives like these can do a lot with the ever-increasing cost of living, so it’s worth checking out which ones are right for you.

Shell also offers a Shell Go+ loyalty program which allows customers to save 3% on up to 60 liters of fuel every month, as well as other exclusive Shell Go+ benefits and offers.

Drewe also recommends only reloading what you need at the time, which might conflict with what you previously thought of how you reload.

While topping up your tank every time can prevent your engine from clogging, it also adds a lot of extra weight to your car.

This extra weight can slow you down and make your car harder to drive, burning your gas faster.

This is especially true if you have a car with a large engine, which can consume more fuel.

Your driving style can also have a big impact on how quickly you use your gas, with a few simple changes making a big difference.

Smoother driving, such as smooth acceleration and avoiding hard braking, can reduce unnecessary fuel waste, while relying on your SatNav for unfamiliar routes can eliminate unnecessary travel.

Make sure you always choose the fastest route and plan how you’ll get there to avoid going around in circles or getting lost, which can waste your fuel unnecessarily.

Although you should always avoid idling as much as possible, try to remember to let your car warm up before driving, especially on very cold mornings.

Driving right away can double your fuel waste and wear out your engine faster according to the RAC.

It’s also important to make sure your car is in good condition. Keeping your tire air pressure at the right amount can actually have a big impact on how quickly you burn your gas through the added friction that results from driving on a misshapen tire.

Getting regular maintenance will also ensure your car is running smoothly and at its best, and remembering to shift excess weight where possible should also keep costs down.

Think how emptying your trunk and removing your roof rack when you don’t need it can save you up to 2% fuel. consumption

Some other tips include only running your air conditioning or heating when needed, and combining multiple journeys into one round trip whenever possible.


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