PSB Provisional President Refutes Claim That GPS Is Not A “Renowned BN”

Prof Dr Son Radu

KUCHING (September 11): Chairman of the Sarawak Bersatu Party (PSB) Mulu protem, Professor Son Radu, believes that righteous Sarawakans need not recall that this was the former Barisan Nasional state (BN ), renamed GPS, which had pledged to swim or sink with its then federal BN partners

He said it was also this group of former state leaders who jumped off the BN ship to disassociate themselves from the same federal BN that lost control of Putrajaya after the last general election.

The potential PSB candidate for Mulu believed the Sarawakans will judge for themselves whether the GPS is not Sarawak BN wearing a different shirt when Parliament meets again on September 13.

“Or will the GPS just change into new pajamas to snuggle up in the same bed with Umno and Pas, according to what Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Gerawat Gala had? stated earlier and “in accordance with the 1963 agreement with Malaysia (MA63)”, as the GPS had always stated.

“History is the best teacher and time will tell if Gerawat’s words match the actions of GPS.

“The proof of the pie is in the eating – as in ‘action speaks louder than words.’ We’ll see, ”he said yesterday in a statement in response to Gerawat’s statement in The Borneo Post on September 7 that GPS is not the same as BN.

Son pointed out that Gerawat also explained that “many notable projects, developments and progress” have been made under the GPS government with billions spent in the process.

Son said, with all due respect to Gerawat, that any government and responsible leader will know that their fundamental duty and responsibility is to serve well and do what is expected of them – for the people and the government. countries they rule.

He said that Sarawakans appreciate and thank the government for all these taxpayer-funded developments is akin to a bank manager asking his customers to thank ATMs for handing out their money. own accounts.

He noted that the late US President John Kennedy called on his compatriots “not to ask what your country can do for you, but to ask what you can do for your country”.

“We will rephrase this to ask Gerawat and the GPS government…” don’t tell us what you did for Sarawak, but rather tell us what you promised but didn’t do for the Sarawakans.

“What also matters are the non-monetary achievements – the real achievement,” he said.

With GPS billed as “the kingmaker” and one of its leaders appointed de facto Minister of Law, Son called on Gerawat and the leaders of Sarawak GPS to restore Sarawak’s ownership of its oil and gas resources. and its territorial sea limits which GPS ‘its predecessors, Sarawak BN, had eroded or surrendered under the Petroleum Development Act 1974 (PDA74).

He also asked about the call to amend Section 1 (2) of the Federal Constitution (FC) so that Sarawak could be recognized as an “equal founding partner” in the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

“Also, how about restoring the original Article 46, which means that 32 new parliamentary seats are to be allocated to Sarawak and Sabah in a ratio of 31:25, bringing the total number of seats parliamentarians to 254 after the creation of 32 additional seats. so that the Malaysian states keep the original 65.4% (“no two-thirds rule”).

“How about changing the current Article 160 which defines ‘The Federation’ as the ‘Federation established under the 1957 Federation of Malaysia Agreement?’ », He continued.

Son believed that this incorrect definition should be amended to refer to “Federation of Malaysia formed in accordance with the 1963 Malaysia Agreement”, only then would it reflect the correct definition of “Federation”.

He asserted that these were all grouped under the famous GPS slogan “In accordance with MA63”, that its leaders should be applauded for their patriotic spirit towards Sarawak and the 1963 Agreement with Malaysia.

“Having said that, can we humbly suggest that Gerawat and his colleagues in GPS learn and begin to speak and behave like Malaysia’s ‘founding partners’ as the MA63 expects when dealing with their? federal counterparts on issues relevant to Sarawak in their new outfit, ”he said.

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