Residents urged to be aware after spate of car thefts in Mansfield


Officers from Nottinghamshire Police’s Mansfield Police Team said there had been ‘a small number of thefts in unlocked motor vehicle incidents’ in the Eakring and Ravensdale areas of the night of Monday August 22.

Residents are now “urged to do what they can to avoid becoming victims of crime”.

A spokesperson said: ‘Most vehicle crime is preventable.

Police have issued safety advice after a ‘small number’ of break-ins into vehicles in Mansfield.

Advice includes not leaving items such as satellite navigation systems, telephones, wallets, sunglasses, coats and loose change in unattended vehicles, as they may “encourage thieves to to break in”.

The spokesperson said: ‘The result is not just the distress of losing the item, but also the financial cost and disruption of repairing damage to the vehicle.

“You may think your possessions are undesirable, but a thief may think differently. It is therefore strongly recommended that you remove all objects from view before leaving your car and lock larger objects in the trunk.

Motorists are also asked to think about where they park, especially when it is dark or if you are away from your vehicle for a long time.

The spokesman said: “If possible, park in a well-lit and busy area. Avoid parking in isolated places that could endanger you and your car. Use a lockable garage if you have access to one.

“If you park in a public car park, use one that has won the Park Mark Safer Parking Award – this is an initiative to reduce crime and fear of crime in car parks.

Parking safety tips include:

Always lock all doors; Close the windows and the sunroof; Activate all security devices; Never leave your keys in your vehicle; Never leave the vehicle with the engine running or the keys in the ignition; Don’t leave anything on the screen; Do you really need all those things in the glove box? Never store your vehicle’s documents, such as its logbook and insurance certificate, inside it; When you leave your vehicle, pull out the removable radio cover or remove the stereo if you can; Remove your Sat Nav device, wipe the suction cup mark off your windshield and remove the mount; To prevent damage and discourage vandalism, retract exterior mirrors and remove or install antennas.


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