Resilient Bears aims to continue its momentum


Sunday’s 20-9 win in Las Vegas was one of the Bears’ most impressive team wins under coach Matt Nagy, with all three phases contributing. Khalil Mack led a dominant defensive effort against his former team, Khalil Herbert and Damien Williams combined to rush for 139 yards and Cairo Santos scored two field goals from 46 yards in the fourth quarter.

“We’re playing complementary football right now,” Gipson said. “The offense is doing what it needs to do. The defense is playing phenomenally right now. Special teams are becoming important to us right now.

Gipson has heard some criticize the Bears for having the oldest roster in the NFL this season, but the 11-year veteran believes having experienced players has turned out to be a positive.

“There are a lot of guys who have played football a lot,” Gipson said. “Nobody presses the panic button. You have a bunch of mature guys who can still play football at a high level. So collectively, once you combine those two things, it’s just one of those things. where you have a bunch of guys who understand the task at hand.

“Yes, we played bad football. But we’re mature enough to understand it’s a long season. There are little things we can clean up right now obviously, but we’re catching our stride and it’s exciting. for us. “

After a historically poor performance in attack against the Browns, players on this side of the ball were determined to correct their mistakes. In the next two games, the Bears scored five touchdowns and rushed for 331 yards and four touchdowns on 76 carries.

“I think it’s up to the team to take what we’ve done collectively against the Browns and be like, ‘We don’t want that to be who we are,'” left-back Cody Whitehair said. . “You can tell that the mentality of the whole team – not just offensively but the whole team – changed after we returned to practice after the Browns game.

“And that’s what I saw going forward; a change in mindset, the team taking ownership of what we put on the pitch. We knew it wasn’t good enough, and coming. working with that mindset every week you can tell on the training ground the guys are more focused and ready to go. ”

The Bears have apparently righted the ship, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more than smooth sailing ahead. For starters, they are set to face two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history over the next two weeks, Aaron Rodgers of the Packers followed by Tom Brady of the Buccaneers.

The first is Rodgers, a three-time NFL MVP and notorious Bears killer who helped the Packers dominate the rivalry.

“He’s one of the few quarterbacks who really doesn’t have any flaws in his game,” Gipson said. “He can make every throw. He’s mobile enough to come out of the pocket. He’s smart, he doesn’t return the ball.”

Since throwing two interceptions in a season opener loss to the Saints, Rodgers has had 10 touchdowns with just one interception in four games All Packers win. Last year, he pitched for 48 touchdowns with just five picks.

Gipson knows the Bears have to take advantage every time Rodgers gives them even a small chance to produce a takeout.

“When you get these opportunities, because they are rare, you have to capitalize on [them]“said Gipson.“ In my opinion he’s one of the top five quarterbacks of all time. He’s a phenomenal player. He’s the engine that keeps this car running. Obviously we have our work cut out for Aaron Rodgers. “


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