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GPS units have been a great addition to the motorcycle world. Yes, some people hate them, but the people who love them, really love them. So much so that they obviously don’t want to see them “disappeared” when they get off their bikes for just a minute or two. Knowing this, several companies jumped on the bandwagon and found a way to “lock” the GPS to the bike for security reasons.

Garmin, probably the world’s largest manufacturer of GPS units, has also designed a way to attach your GPS to your motorcycle. Their idea was simple; all it involved was a small security Torx, the one with the extra stud in the middle so a normal Torx wouldn’t fit. Flight foiled!

The way to secure it was with a little tool, the one you lost the cap on, then when the tool was on your key fob it punched a little hole in your trouser pockets when you weren’t riding and all your change would end in your underpants!!!

Zumo security key and pocket liner shredder. Photo: GPScity

They designed it like that for simplicity and lightness. There was and still is no need for a large cage around the device. There is no need for rubber dampers to reduce vibration; everything was designed in unity.

When the new ZumoXT arrived and most riders who previously owned a Zumo expected a similar safety feature but got nothing from Garmin. Then the complaints started that the mount was weak and insecure; stories of units coming off the mount are not uncommon. Even though I’ve done over 50,000 miles with a ZumoXT, I’ve never had the problem personally as I always check the water resistance before riding, but that didn’t stop me from looking for a way to secure it . After all, small, easy-to-steal GPS devices costing $500 or more could be a thief’s dream come true.

MotoPumps founder Dave saw it and took on the task. There were already a few mounts available on the market, but one had supply chain issues to the US, and the other, well, it’s that big cage again!

It followed Garmin’s lead and went the simple route, spending more time on sleek functional design rather than bulk and weight to scare off a would-be thief. If someone wants to steal anything from you and they are determined, it will happen; it’s just a way to keep honest people honest.

A small, precision CNC mount plate cut from aluminum plate then anodized for longevity, machined with the AMPS pattern and a few others to fit all current GPS mounts, regardless of brand.

On top is an exclusive screw and tool and that’s it.

Image: rtwPaul

Image: rtwPaul

The assembly process is simple, unscrew the current four screws, attach the MotoPumps backing plate and screw, line everything up and bolt it together.

Image: rtwPaul

Image: rtwPaul

I found that my backing plate didn’t fit well even after laying down a coat of powder, so I contacted Rob at MotoPumps. Apparently I’m the first to try this round RAM holder out of hundreds and hundreds already sold. Turns out it interferes with the mounting and the locking pin. Like most of you, I have a stash of this stuff lying around, so I grabbed a square instead.

Obviously, if you’re going to use a RAM ball setup, tturn it on real tight with a pair of channel locks so that it is impossible to undo with just your fingers.

Photo: rtwPaul

Photo: rtwPaul

Now remove the locking rod, mount your ZumoXT as usual, then insert and tighten the screw with the tool provided.

Photo: rtwPaul

Image: rtwPaul

Photo: rtwPaul

To remove just do the reverse. Use this exclusive tool to loosen the lock rod. Once loose, use the other end of the tool (pictured below) to push it a bit further so you can grab it and pull it out.

Photo: rtwPaul

The proprietary tool on a bunch of keys is barely noticeable but it could be the difference between your Garmin Zumo XT being there or not when you return to your bike after a few minutes

Photo: rtwPaul

The price is $69.99, but of course MotoPumps takes care of the inmates, so go read the thread and find the magic button with the attached discount HERE. And maybe jump over to the MotoPumps website, because Rob does so much more than MotoPumps; he also designed some other very special machined parts for your vehicle.

Before you back away from the price and jump into the reviews, consider the alternatives – they start at 3x the price and factor in time spent on R&D and then specific one-off machining. If you’ve ever worked in machining or owned a CNC machine, you already know how expensive it is to turn on those fancy machines and run them for a few hours!

Or consider the cost of replacing your GPS.

Please support inmate-owned businesses and the ingenuity and passion they bring to bringing you the products you want, made where you think they should be made!

To learn more about MotoPumps, read some of their threads or the previous front page article on the new MotoPump

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