Sticky snow for some Sunday night


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – When you lump the four seasons into just two days of weather, you can bet trouble is brewing. The first alert is now over, but the active weather continues for more than 24 hours.

The snow will fly – and stick to higher ground – at two different times. We go from record highs to a massive drop in temperatures on Monday. The times drop even more Friday and Saturday.


While the first alert is now over, the rain is not. Expect the intermittent showers to become increasingly light on Sunday morning. Sunday is a big day of change. We dry off early in the morning. Times are not collapsing as much as we expected. However, they will be noticeably colder on Sunday afternoon. From dusk, the rain turns to wet, slush (but heavier) snow on the Cumberland Plateau. This continues all night Sunday until the start of Monday.

As for the sticky snow, don’t worry. We believe up to 1 can stick on the higher grounds of the plateau, but the ground temperatures are very, very hot for the season. In the summits of the Smoky Mountains, several centimeters of snow will stick. Often, the park service closes the roads inside the park, greatly reducing the “impact” on people. As we expect snow to fall in the late evening in the valley, it will be difficult for many to stay on the roads. You can still get a dusting on metal roofs or car roofs, but that’s about the extent of it. Again the snow will fall * hard * for a few hours, but many will melt fairly quickly.


Monday and Tuesday are calm, sunny and cooler. On Wednesday, there are more clouds, but only scattered rain in the South Valley. Thursday brings another strong winter cold front. The rain tends later and with the best chances in our southern counties. There is another chance of light snow on Friday morning at higher elevations. Friday and Saturday mornings are freezing. Some of the colder temperatures of this season (think prevalent teens) are back.

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