The 2023 Range Rover Sport is schmick


Range Rover dramatically unveils 2023 sport SUV

Range Rover has shown the world its sleek new third-generation Sport 4×4 as it winds its way up a perilous Icelandic dam. Here’s what’s new in the next-generation Range Rover Sport.

2023 Range Rover Sport Specs

  • New look. It’s not a noticeably different look, but the Range Rover Sport has received a set of sharp new apparel. Range Rover says it is now more muscular in appearance. Overall, it’s generally cleaner, even more minimalist, and more modern. The rear is the most different, with an austere bar connecting the thinnest of the taillights. Range Rover claims the lights are the thinnest it has ever made.

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  • Range of engines. As always, there’s a Range Rover engine for everyone. Those looking for a frugal 4×4 might opt ​​for the PHEV, which has a claimed combined fuel economy of just 1.6L/100km. This model still has 294 kW of power and 700 Nm torque ready for the trailer. If you want an everyday cruiser, you can opt for the 3.0-liter Ingenium diesel, with 183 kW, 600 Nm and a fuel economy of 7.2 L/100 km. For those who want something louder, there’s a twin-turbo V8 pumping out 390kW and 750Nm.

2023 Range Rover Sport rear view

  • Lighting technology. The Range Rover Sport has what’s called Surface LED technology for the first time on a production model. Range Rover claims these lights are visible from all angles. The headlights are digital LEDs, with the option of a signature daytime running light.
  • Advanced chassis technology. Range Rover spokespeople believe it’s the best-handling Sport to date. The Range Rover Sport is now based on the MLA-Flex platform, which will also underpin the fifth generation Range Rover. This architecture allows the company to add hybrid components to the model, with the brand confirming that an EV version will arrive by 2024. MLA-Flex is 35% stiffer than the latest Range Rover Sport, which should help improve the handling of the large SUV.

2023 Range Rover Sport hybrid model

  • Extended range hybrid model. Until the all-electric Range Rover Sport arrives in 2024, buyers can buy a hybrid Range Rover Sport, which has an impressive 125 kilometer electric-only range. For many Australian motorists, this could mean covering most of their daily journeys using the majority of EV power.
  • Integral steering. Putting the sport into the Range Rover Sport is an optional all-wheel-steering system. This allows the rear tires to turn a little over 7 degrees. They turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels and Range Rover says this not only helps with high-speed cornering, but also when maneuvering around a parking lot. Range Rover even claims it has the turning circle of a modern hatchback.
  • Smart suspension. We’re seeing it more and more these days, but the Range Rover Sport has intelligent air suspension that will analyze the road ahead and reference sat nav information to prepare for the turns ahead. Other suspension technicians check conditions up to 500 times per second to optimize the shocks.
  • Off-road cruise control. You’ve probably never heard of it before as it’s new to the Range Rover Sport. Drivers tell the vehicle how fast they want to go and how comfortable they want to be. Then they just steer and the vehicle does the rest. Terrain Response 2 analyzes the surface and adjusts chassis settings accordingly.
  • Alexa on board. All 2023 Range Rover Sports have Amazon Alexa, allowing you to issue commands to the car or use things like your smart home tech. There’s also wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2023 Range Rover Sport interior

  • Giant indoor screens. Continuing the trend of most automakers, the Range Rover Sport now features giant dual screens. One measures 13.1 inches and is curved. This handles all infotainment tasks. For the driver, the Range Rover incorporates a 13.7-inch screen that can be personalized to suit their tastes.
  • More space. Second row passengers now have 31mm more leg room and 20mm more knee room. It can make a huge difference.

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  • A thunderous sound system. An available option for the new Range Rover Sport is a Meridian Signature sound system with a ridiculous 29 speakers, a sub and a 1,430 watt amp. Engineers have even inserted speakers into the headrests to generate what Range Rover calls “personal sound zones”. Microphones in the wheel arches help make active cabin noise cancellation even more effective.
  • Air quality. It’s something that many of us don’t pay much attention to, but the Range Rover Sport can keep the cabin air in check. It filters viruses, odors and allergens and even monitors carbon dioxide. CO2 buildup can contribute to fatigue, so Range Rover says reducing levels can help improve alertness and make cabin air cooler.

Range Rover Sport Australia Pricing and Availability

There will be 5 trim levels on offer, with retail prices as follows:

  • SE (from $139,160)
  • Dynamic SE (from $151,026)
  • Dynamic HSE (from $168,638)
  • Autobiography (from $191,141)
  • First Edition (from $196,359)

Range Rover expects deliveries to begin in the last quarter of 2022.

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