‘The Sea Beast’ review: An excellent maritime adventure is ‘Moby Dick’ meets ‘How to Train Your Dragon’


An enchanting world of monsters and monster hunters awaits you in The beast from the seaThe last of Big Hero 6 director Chris Williams. This animated feature is nothing short of a delight, with immersive animation, exciting sets, and an important message that audiences of all ages need to hear.

like the movie opens, we are introduced to the famous hunters: extraordinary fighters who slay the giant monsters that roam the seas. The largest hunting vessel is the Inevitable, led by Captain Crow (voiced by Jared Harris), his first companion Sarah Sharpe (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), and legendary hunter Jacob Holland (voiced by Karl Urban). They track down the Red Bluster, the most fearsome of all sea monsters. The Red Bluster has taken one of Captain Crow’s eyes, so he’s looking for some serious revenge. This dangerous mission becomes even more complicated when a young girl named Maisie Brumble (voiced by Zaris-Angel Hator) embarks on their ship in search of her own glory. However, what begins as a quest to find a mythical creature quickly turns into a moving condemnation of intolerance and misinformation.


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The beast from the sea is a massive maritime adventure

A new crew member joins the Inevitable.
Credit: Netflix

It is impossible not to be impressed by the magnitude of The beast from the sea, which is basically a kaiju movie with tall ships. In a stunning battle sequence, the crew of the Inevitable battles a monster known as Brickleback. There’s tentacles, there’s cannon fire, and there’s genuine concern that the Brickleback will tear the Inevitable to shreds.

The epic scale of The beast from the sea doesn’t stop at monster fights (all of which are spectacular). Instead, it expands to the many environments we see throughout the film: a lavish palace, a lush island, and the entire ocean itself. The animation team completely immerses us in this fantasy world, so that even when a masked monster threatens our heroes, we hold our breath in worry.


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Jacob and Maisie are the heart of The beast from the sea

A man and a young girl on a very small red sail boat in the open sea.

How will Jacob and Maisie cope?
Credit: Netflix

Speaking of these heroes, let’s talk about Jacob and Maisie. They begin at odds, as Jacob is initially annoyed by Maisie’s attempts to join the crew of the inevitable. However, when the two get separated from the ship, they must work together to get home. The beast from the sea dwells a little too long on the “gruff man and precocious child” dynamic, but it quickly turns into a sweet story of found family as Jacob and Maisie begin their journey.

Along the way, they learn new information about sea beasts like the Red Bluster, information that forces them to change their view of the world. Even though she is orphaned by the monsters, Maisie tries her best to understand the creatures. It takes Jacob, who has been hunting monsters for years, a little longer to come back. It is a poignant example of a younger generation leading an older generation towards a more tolerant outlook.

In fact, one of the greatest things about The beast from the sea it’s how candid he treats his message: just because you were raised to believe in something doesn’t mean it’s true. If you’re willing to open your mind and listen to others, you might learn something that will improve your outlook. It’s a big moral, and an important moral, made even better by the fact that it’s fought alongside epic tall ship battles and beautiful ocean views. Trust me when I say this is an adventure you’ll want to watch.

The beast from the sea is now streaming on Netflix.


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