There is snow: follow the next system moving through the valley


Storm Team 27 is tracking the next system that will move across the land to the Valley. After a cold early morning, Easter Sunday will bring plenty of afternoon sunshine, with high temperatures reaching into the 40s. It is after Sunday that we start to see changes that will result in an accumulation of falls of snow across the valley.

On Monday, towards the end of the morning drive, the rain begins to move into the area. As the rain spreads, surface temperatures will begin to drop.

Around lunchtime, as these surface temperatures drop, the rain will begin to turn into a winter mix. It shouldn’t last long as it gets even colder in the afternoon. That’s when the biggest change happens.

For much of the afternoon and evening, widespread snow is expected to fall across the valley. Many roads will still be above the freezing point of the warmer weekend, but slippery roads and dangerous driving conditions will be a problem. Drive accordingly. Snow on grass and car roofs should accumulate faster.

Overall snowfall estimates from Saturday evening are expected to be around two inches. Most of this snow will melt on contact with warmer surfaces and warmer temperatures during the week will trigger rapid melting.

Snow this late in the year is not excluded. In fact, snowfall was recorded in Youngstown through June. On three occasions, at least a trace of snow has been observed as recently as 2013.

Closer to home, a warmer trend is being followed with above average high temperatures expected in the valley by the end of the week and beyond. The latest forecasts can always be found in your Youngstown Weather Forecast.


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