Tile Tracker Helps Auto Theft Detectives Locate Stolen Vehicle – City of Albuquerque


ALBUQUERQUE – Police auto theft detectives in Albuquerque were able to locate a stolen vehicle using a tracking device called a “Tile.”

On Thursday, October 7, 2021, Auto Theft Detectives was contacted by an individual whose car had been stolen. They informed detectives that they had a “Tile” tracking device inside their car. Using the tracking device, detectives located the vehicle in the Coors and Ellison area.

Air Support also provided assistance and spotted the car stopping at Morningside and Hilton. The driver and passenger both got out of the vehicle and on the approach they were both taken into police custody.

The driver, identified as Xavier Wells, 29, has been charged with receiving / transferring a stolen motor vehicle. Passenger Monica Zamora, 39, has been charged with receiving and transferring a stolen motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance and criminal in possession.

Due to the successful recovery of this stolen vehicle, APD encourages the public to use tracking devices like the “Tile” tracker or other similar products like the “AirTag” from Apple. These are often used as a tool to help locate stolen property and it is encouraged to place the devices in a location that is not easily visible.

If anyone suspects that their vehicle has been stolen, they should contact the police and not try to locate the vehicle on their own.


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