Toni Sharpless disappearance carries personal weight for private investigator trying to solve 12-year mystery – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Toni Lee Sharpless was a Chester County nurse who was last seen leaving a party in Lower Merion and disappeared without a trace. Since then, his case has baffled investigators.

Sharpless’s case has not seen any activity for several years. The missing nurse from West Brandywine Township in Chester County was last seen leaving a party in Lower Merion Township on the night of August 22, 2009. She had left earlier in the town. evening for a fun night out in downtown Philadelphia.

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“I swore to help the family if they wanted to,” Eileen Law said.

Law, a private investigator, has been working on the case for more than a decade.

“It’s a cold case for the rest of the world, it’s not a cold case for me,” Law said.

The family had long hoped that Sharpless would return home with their daughter whom she left so many years ago.

“When her daughter ran up to me saying, ‘please find my mom,’ crying, that face changed everything for me,” Law said.

Law worked on the pro bono case. Her office is filled with Sharpless reminders.

A month after his disappearance, a license plate reader was shot in Camden. The plates were taped on Sharpless’s car.

Push pins on this map indicate where Law received advice on possible sightings.

And then in 2012, came the letter.

“The writer says he was paid $ 5,000 to move a car from Brooklawn, New Jersey,” Law said.

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It is claimed that the car ended up in Boston, but that remains a problem.

Also working on the case, the investigator assigned to it from the very beginning, West Brandywine Cpl. Russell Moore.

“Now I believe she’s passed,” said Moore, “and I would like to give the family a little closure.”

Sharpless’s family declined to speak to CBS3 Mysteries.

A few years ago, accepting the reality, the police said they had declared her legally dead. Now the mission of the investigation is to locate Sharpless’s remains and bring her home.

The police ran, checked and disproved most of the theories developed at first – even one suggesting that Sharpless may have drunk too much and ended up losing control of his car.

“They also dredged the Schuylkill River for vehicles, which turned up nothing,” Moore said.

For Law, the case carries a personal weight.

“Some are just from you. They get into your skin and into your heart and your soul, ”Law said,“ and that’s what happened with that. “

Who knows what happened to Toni Sharpless?

“I wish I could wrap up for the family, for her daughter, for her mom, her sister,” Moore said.

“Until my death, my last breath, I will search for Toni,” Law said.

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If you have any information that could help detectives find Sharpless, please call the West Brandywine Police Department at 610-380-8201.

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