Truck driver who trusted his GPS gets stuck at railway crossing, accident is inevitable

The driver of a semi-trailer that had to take an alternate route due to road construction in the area decided to ignore the road signs and just use his GPS software for the whole thing.

But because the satellite navigation system didn’t know he was driving a truck, it simply sent the vehicle on a route suitable for passenger cars and passed an acute crossing.

So, when crossing the crossing, the truck ended up with the wheels suspended, eventually getting stuck and the driver unable to reverse.

The incident happened on Addington Bend Road, near Thackerville, and it turns out that it was not the only truck on the route although it is not suitable for large vehicles.

This time, however, ignoring the road signs had more serious consequences. Because the driver was no longer able to move the truck, an approaching Amtrak passenger train crashed directly into the car transporter. And what happened next can easily be the scene from a horror movie that some unfortunate ones had the misfortune to watch live.

The good news is that everyone is fine, as only a few passengers on the train were sent to hospital with minor injuries. In addition, the driver and his dog were able to get out of the truck before the collision.

The bad news is that more and more people think it’s okay to take everything GPS says for granted. And in some cases this proves to be fatal, especially when the driver ignores all the signs that indicate that he should not take a certain route.

Not so long ago, a Russian driver and his friend found themselves on an abandoned road with their car broken down and no cell signal after taking an alternate route provided by Google Maps. The driver ultimately froze to death in the harsh winter temperature, while the passenger was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the video disturbing. Discretion of viewers recommended.

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