UM’s Mcity receives grant for VR test track


Opened in 2015, Mcity consists of a controlled environment of various driving situations, including a bridge deck, overpass, guardrails, barriers, collision attenuators, ramps, roundabouts, roundabouts, points and urban streets. It is connected to fiber, Ethernet and 5G for data collection.

The track is open to the public and used by companies such as Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corporation. and Denso Corp.. The NSF grant calls for the track to be reserved for the agency 48 days a year, Liu said.

“This investment will increase access to the state-of-the-art testing facility, providing more equity for researchers across the country who are at the forefront of this societal change, navigating the transition to a safer, greener, fairer new world and accessible mobility for all,” UM Dean of Engineering Alec Gallimore said in a press release.

The federal funding follows a $1.5 million upgrade earlier this year to a building that will be used to monitor testing.

The university also received a federal grant last month for ceramic battery research. The research will be done in concert with the $130 million state-funded electric vehicle training center at UM, which was unveiled in July, but funding is separate.


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