V Zone Launches UAE’s Most Innovative GPS Tracking Technology


Recently, VZone International announced GPS Autopilot FO-ERP technology. It works in VZone Smart 4G LTE GPS telematics with intelligent mechanism and artificial IOT. It is the first technology in the world, and it is a real opportunity for all fleet owners because they can build intelligent systems for fleet operations and tools for fuel management intelligence. .

Benefits of their services include cost reduction, control of vehicle theft, spare parts theft, fuel theft, idle time, misuse of vehicles, etc. as well as the detection of secondary work, delivery delays and misuse of time and resources.

Half a million dirhams are supposed to be saved by implementing such tracking solutions among hundreds of multinational customers with extensive fleets. Fuel and Salik Filtering, Fuel Waste Filter, ERP System Integration, Traffic Management, Fleet Cost Management, Alerts and Notifications, Vacation Abuse Management and business hours management systems can all be implemented efficiently with V Zone International.

Other benefits of the tracking system include calculating labor cost, overtime pay, fleet cost, and several crucial verticals. Individual knowledge assessment and localized analysis are the main advantages that can lead to revolutions in the industry for every company.

Integrated sensors that regulate multiple operations in vehicles are considered integral to the safety and functionality of the fleet used for various purposes including school buses, trucks, vans, cars, etc.

V Zone International has handled over 4,000 cases in the UAE with a proven track record of 100% results over its 15 long years of experience.


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