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During a weekend in Alabama where I met up with some Screencaps readers to talk about my life as a blogger, I mentioned how Ohio is pretty much Alabama in some ways: we love the football, beer, foods that will eventually give you a heart attack. and die and when the good old boys drop the gloves on a dirt road late on a Saturday night.

Although Alabama is the logical place for this last element to take place, it was actually Fremont, Ohio, which recorded itself with a vintage street fight between two contestants who had had enough of one. on the other and decided it was time to whip out some ass.

That’s what Ohio does to a person on a hot Saturday night in July.

Sprint car driver TJ Michael tells OutKick that his co-worker Larry Kingseed Jr., a recent high school graduate, is an “18-year-old kid who uses his car as a weapon over and over again,” and things boiled over in the street fight you see going viral on social media.

“This care is dangerous, very dangerous and this new generation of riders coming in, they’re kids and they’re using cars as weapons and I didn’t appreciate him doing that,” Michael continued.

“Afterwards he got out of the car and made a scene acting like he wanted to come after me after causing an incident. He comes up to me saying he’s going to whip my ass and come to my trailer and find out what’s going to happen.

“So I went over there to have a chat with him and he’s screaming and laughing. He wants to come to me, throw his chest on me. After that I punched him several times and then his dad and the team guys charged at me. That’s when I realized I was outnumbered and circled the block.

Michael admits that’s when he should have gotten out of there and called it a night, but he decided that this feud wasn’t over and that’s when the video begin.

According to Michael, who says this isn’t his first rodeo with a pit fight, it’s Larry Kingseed Sr. trying to kick him in the head while he’s on the ground with the team at the Jr. stand in a wrestling match.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s over, but if his dad wants to do this shitty thing by kicking me in the head, I’m not okay with it,” Michael says. “Life has a funny way of working.”

“The whole jump, the kid is 18. He must learn to fight his own battles. He’s a grown man at 18 and if he can’t stand being punched in the face multiple times and his dad wants to play like that.

Michael made sure to hammer that thought home with Kingseed as the two took to it Monday morning on Twitter.

Daddy won’t be there to fight his battles forever Fuzz,” TJ tweeted at Kingseed, who shot back with, “Daddy doesn’t have Twitter.

At the sound of things, Michael is going to move on as he rarely faces Kingseed in his sprint car class. However, Michael has some interesting thoughts on how to settle these on-track feuds that are developing on small-town tracks across the United States.

“I’ve always said if these race tracks want to make more money and have fun, when two drivers have a disagreement, put them in front of all these people and let them fight.” adds TJ. “People will come back to see this. You take a minute or two at intermission and let two guys beat the shit up and when it gets out of hand you break it.

And with that, this sprint car thing might just be officially on my radar. Give me at least one Netflix series out of this level of racing. Yes, I am aware that sprint racing is a fanatical business. I’ve been lectured before, but I’ve never had a driver as open as Michael. I’m used to NASCAR drivers thanking their 80 sponsors before explaining the race for 10 seconds.

Keep this content coming, guys. You are going to have a home here at OutKick.


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