Watch Chris Forsberg reveal the secrets of his 1300 horsepower Nissan Z Drift car


What’s even more exciting than racing, drag or Formula?

We say it’s drift racing, also known as Formula D, with cars closing dangerously close to the enclosures and each other, like in a death dance.

Plus, if the car is as cool as Chris Forsberg’s new and custom Nissan Z, that makes it all the more exciting.

YouTuber Larry Chen, who has over 400,000 subscribers, talked to Forsberg about the Nissan Z and more and made an informative video about how Forsberg turned a production 2023 Nissan Z into a drifting beast.

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Chris Forsberg’s 1,300-hp 2022 Nissan Z Drifter

Chris Forsberg is not only a drifting champion, but he is self-taught and has raced in every round of Formula Drift since 2004.

He is a three-time Formula Drift champion and Formula Drift World Champion racing driver.

Pennsylvania native Forsberg now drives a Nissan Z34 for NOS Energy Drink, and his car is as beastly as his lens.

Forsberg is the only man behind Forsberg Racing, and he is considered an Iron Man in his choice of sport, amassing the most head-to-head wins of all time and the most podiums in Formula Drift history. .

His car may look like a sticker and a production Nissan Z covered in graphics from the outside, but sports the GT-R’s VR38DETT engine under the hood, pumping out a whopping 1,300 horsepower and 1,300 lb-ft. of torque.

As Forsberg told Chen, this is the first competition outing for the new Nissan, beating Nissan’s factory Super GT efforts by two weeks.

The coolest thing is that Nissan gave Forsberg the very first production 2023 Nissan Z car, and Forsberg turned it into a track monster.

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Forsberg: Turning a production 2022 Nissan Z into a drifting race car

As Forsberg places Chen in the car and takes him for a ride, but not a drift ride, other Nissan Zs of all generations follow.

Forsberg says it’s pretty cool to see how a new Nissan Z attracts other legendary Nissan Z cars like pickle flies as he and Chen meet and greet fans.

Later, Forsberg popped the cowls and underlined the bespoke engine with the Sunny Bryant Billet 3.8-liter crankshaft with a set of pistons and Manley rods, resulting in a compression ratio of 9:1.

There are so many aspects to the car, like the widebody build by TJ Hunt done in three days or the single-body GTR manifold made by CJ Motorsports.

This Nissan Z runs Garrett turbochargers that are so good there’s no need for nitrous anymore, according to the drift champ.

He also talks about the changes to the body of the car, as they replaced the bumpers to reduce the overhang, showing how much thought goes into making a horse of champion.

Source: Larry Chen YouTube Channel


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