Why Amazon PS5 restocking is something we’re tracking – even if it just happened


Amazon PS5 restocking is not expected in the US today (there is a report that the UK will see PS5 stock), however, our Matt Swider PS5 Replenishment Twitter Tracker will send you a reorder alert when the PS5 is back in stock at Amazon and a dozen other US stores – if you follow their Twitter account and activate notifications. Here’s why we continue to follow the Amazon PS5 inventory on Twitter despite the fact that we just saw the PS5 disc inventory a week ago: There was almost a second Amazon PS5 restock on Thursday night. last – Amazon.com enabled add to cart buttons for PS5 discs and digital consoles. But a website glitch prevented anyone from verifying. Was there really an inventory? Was it a mistake? That’s why we haven’t given up on following it alongside Best Buy, Walmart, Target, GameStop, and other stores in the United States.

  • When? Or? Follow our Twitter tracker on the PS5 Matt Swider restocking for notifications and live updates. This is the fastest way to get real-time updates.
  • Warning: do not buy from Twitter users, all of which are scams. Only buy from stores in the United States that Matt warns you about. No legitimate person will sell a console for just $ 550.

Click this example Amazon PS5 Replenishment Twitter Alert by Matt Swider. Follow his Twitter account and activate notifications, while he follows “PS5 drops” and updates you on the news of when and where it will be in stock.

PS5 replenishment

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Why We’re Tracking Amazon PS5’s Next Replenishment

The upcoming Amazon PS5 restock is the most controversial of all simply because it has almost had two restocks in as many days. It happened last week: We saw thousands of people get a PS5 through our restock alerts on Wednesday May 26, but no one was able to get it the next day (Thursday May 27) while there had a supposed second PS5 restock and all of us saw the add to cart button light up for about 30 minutes.

This means one of two things: Amazon had a PS5 inventory and it will be doing another restocking in June 2021, or it was a larger issue on Amazon.com and the add to cart button didn’t. was never intended to go live (as in didn’t actually have any consoles to begin with).

We are following Amazon just in case this is the first. But we also know that Amazon waited between 15 and 52 days between restockings of the PS5, so it’s not clear when the PS5 will be back in stock at Amazon.

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Second reason for an Amazon PS5 restocking soon

The biggest question we get after “When will Amazon restock the PS5” is a slightly more specific “Will there be a restocking of the PS5 on Amazon Prime Day”. Amazon Prime Day 2021 would be Monday, June 21, according to credible reports, which fits the retailer’s restocking schedule very well between 15 and 52 days.

However, while we don’t have any inside information, we do know that Amazon gets a huge increase in traffic whenever people flock to a next-gen console replenishment (double the traffic if it’s Sony consoles. and Microsoft in stock simultaneously; dogs error pages).

Would Amazon want to risk server overload during its critical sales marathon? If you remember Amazon Prime Day 2018, there was a massive outage at the very start of that Prime Day two years ago. So while a PS5 restock would send a lot of people to Amazon’s website, it may be a better idea as a promotion in the days leading up to Amazon Prime Day, when far fewer people are trying to checkout with it. other items on the retail website. .

When will the PS5 be restocked in the US?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for the next Amazon PS5 restock given that there are other retailers in the US to have a restock this week.

It has been over a week since the last Best Buy PS5 restock, while Walmart did a restocking quite regularly every Thursday (last Thursday there wasn’t any, so it’s week to watch out for consoles). Matt Swider’s sources usually warn him if there will be a massive Walmart PS5 restock – he knows it almost three hours in advance.

GameStop has made the PS5 available for purchase every week for the past three weeks on a Wednesday. We usually get advance notice on this one too, and on average we tweet the news 90 minutes in advance.

We usually have a good idea of ​​when Target is ready for a PS5 restock simply because the retail chain ships the consoles directly to individual stores in the United States before opening orders online (like all other stores in the United States, you need to secure online purchase in advance). But last week there was a small console replenishment, so Target was holding back or, more likely, needs more time to replenish PS5 inventory. We will find out soon.

The best option, aside from the likely Walmart and 50/50 Best Buy restockings this week, may be Antonline, which offers lots loaded at face value. The most important thing with Antonline is that their PS5 restocking typically takes less than two minutes, which makes tracking a PS5 restocking Twitter account all the more essential.


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