Will GPS-based toll collection replace toll booths, end FASTag and toll booths?


Will GPS-based tolling replace toll booths?

FASTag may soon be a thing of the past as the government prepares to introduce new technology for toll revenue collection.

The central government intends to levy toll taxes using GPS satellite technology. Sources say a pilot project to test the new method is currently underway in India.

According to this system, the toll would be paid according to the number of kilometers traveled by a car on a highway. So, a person will basically have to pay a toll based on the distance traveled on a freeway or highway.

Nitin Gadkari, the Union’s road transport and highways minister, said earlier this year in March during a speech at the Lok Sabha that the government would abolish toll booths across the country from a year here.

Additionally, he said that toll booths would be completely replaced with a GPS-based toll collection system. He added that tolls would be collected via GPS imagery on moving vehicles.

Currently, toll charges are calculated based on the number of kilometers traveled by a vehicle on a highway.
However, due to the success of the GPS-based approach in European countries, steps are being taken to adopt it in India as well. The pilot project is currently being tested.

Currently, the toll is collected over the entire distance from one toll station to another. Even if a vehicle does not travel the full distance but ends its journey at a different location, the toll must be paid in full.

In Germany, most vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation systems. When a vehicle enters a toll zone, tax calculation begins.

The toll for the distance traveled is deducted from the account as soon as the vehicle changes from a motorway to a non-toll road.

Transport policy also needs to be changed before the new system is put in place. Under the pilot scheme, 1.37 lakh automobiles were covered nationwide.

FASTags, introduced in 2016, facilitate the electronic payment of fees at toll booths.
Making beacons mandatory would also help ensure smooth traffic at toll booths since the toll would be paid electronically.


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