Woman “paranoid” after her iPhone retrieves a stranger’s tracker strapped to her car: “I’m literally shaking”

A woman took to TikTok to warn others after finding an Apple AirTag strapped to her car.

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An AirTag is a small tracking device – about the size of a quarter – that customers can attach to items they easily lose. Users then have the location of all their assets in the Find My application. Only the owner can see their AirTag’s whereabouts, but if you accidentally pick up something with someone else’s AirTag, your phone will always alert you.

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This is how Ashley Estrada (@_ashleyscarlett) discovered a stranger’s AirTag on her car.

In her TikTok, which has over 16 million views, Estrada shows the AirTag to her camera and says, “I’m literally shaking, look at what I just found on my car.”

According to a follow-up video, Estrada was driving with her cousin’s girlfriend when she received a notification saying “AirTag detected near you. “

The notification also offers the option to play the AirTag, which is how the women found out that it was under Estrada’s license plate. The notification also picked up the AirTag at 7:34 p.m., when Estrada assumes someone put it on her car.

“When I looked, it showed us pretty much every place we’ve been to,” Estrada adds in TikTok. “It’s great, super scary.”

Estrada and his cousin’s girlfriend called the police, but they were reportedly told it was a “non-life threatening situation”, so there was nothing the police could do.

“I never thought [this] would happen to me, ”she said. “I’m scared. S *** made me paranoid.

Commentators were alarmed that the police might have labeled it “not life threatening” and the ease with which AirTags can be used as unwanted tracking devices.

“What’s even more frightening is that if neither of you had an iPhone, you wouldn’t have known it,” one person pointed out.

“New fear unlocked,” said another.

“I’m going to investigate my own car now,” someone commented. “It’s so scary.”

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