Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro with built-in GPS should arrive in July


There is talk that we will get a Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro in July. The laptop would come with built-in GPS, as well as a larger capacity battery. Some tipsters even mentioned the possibility of a bigger screen.

We only heard about the regular Mi Band 7 variant a few days ago. The notebook is not yet available in international markets. This will undoubtedly happen in a month or two. For now, only those in China can buy it.

Mi Band 7 comes with iterative updates over its predecessor, such as a bigger screen with an always-on option for some watch faces. Other improvements include a better blood oxygen sensor that can capture readings around the clock, plus additional performance metrics and sport modes. So not a huge update.

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One feature that many hoped for but didn’t make the cut is the built-in GPS. Several tipsters are now saying that we won’t have to wait for Mi Band 8 for the feature to land. It will apparently come to the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro.

Another improvement would be a battery with a capacity of at least 70 mAh more than the current version. The built-in GPS is very power hungry, so extra battery capacity is a necessity. There are rumors that Xiaomi could increase the screen size even further.

The consensus among tipsters is that Band 7 Pro will be unveiled alongside the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Which indicates a launch date in July. We believe this will be a China-only reveal to be followed a few weeks later with international availability. As you might expect, Xiaomi has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

If we get a Pro version, it will be a first. With previous generations, the Chinese tech giant only launched a regular and NFC variant.

As for the price, we expect Mi Band 7 to sell for around $40 when it hits overseas markets. Add around $25-$30 to that price and you’ll get the price the Pro version is likely to sell for. POCO has shown with its first smartwatch that it is possible to release a wearable with integrated GPS that does not cost an arm and a leg. It looks like Xiaomi will follow in his footsteps.

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